Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Made Buns

I made this buns yesterday..though it is Autumn here but it started snowing..and it is very cold ,of course it is my first winter here.So i thought of having a hot cup of coffee with bun.I don't prefer buying buns from the shops.So then i thought of making these homemade buns which came really soft and tasted yummy with a cup of coffee.


Bread flour-250gms
Salt-1level tsp
White caster sugar-1/2tsp
Instant yeast-1tsp
Warm water-150ml
Olive oil-1tbsp (some for greasing)

Bread flour,yeast,salt and sugar in a bowl

Added Olive oil and water

Kneading to from a smooth dough

Kneaded to smooth dough ball

Placed on greased a baking tray.

Placed in preheated oven at 210ºC Fan/ 230ºC/Gas 8 for around 10 minutes

Cooled and ready to eat!


Put the flour, salt, sugar and yeast together in a bowl and mix them together.

Add water and olive oil to the flour and knead them well to form a smooth dough.

If it gets sticky then sprinkle a little flour.Then put the dough back in the bowl and cover with a tea towel. Put it in a warm place for about 45 Min's–1 hour so that the yeast works its magic and the dough grows.

Tear the dough into chunks and roll it into six small balls. Then, using a pastry brush with a little oil, grease a baking tray.

Place the balls onto a baking tray and then put them in a pre-heated oven at 210ºC Fan/ 230ºC/Gas 8 for around 10 minutes, or until they have risen and are browned on top. When the buns has cooled down, you can have it with Tea or coffee !

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Ms.Chitchat said...

Nice looking buns,perfect with a cup of tea on a cold weather.

BangaloreBaker said...

Thanks for the entry. I loved the step by step pictures.

veena krishnakumar said...

perfect looking buns

ayushthecook said...

like you blog - my first visit worth following ;-))


srividhya Ravikumar said...

lovely looking buns dear... lovely colour too..

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Buns look amazingly tasty & well baked. Congrats.

Hamaree Rasoi

Swathi said...

Home made buns are always delicious. Looks perfect.

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

Buns luks very nice,homemade always best...

aipi said...

Wow..they came out perfect dear..great pictorials too!

US Masala

Srivalli said...

Looks very good Pavani, great job!

notyet100 said...

buns look too good,..

Gayathri's Cook Spot said...

Home made buns are always yum. Nice tutorial.

Padhu said...

I have never tried buns at home .Looks perfect

Satya said...

hi pavani ,
home made is always best then store bought ...those buns looks so perfect n soft doubt the temp u mention is 210 F or 410 F ...sorry i am confused ..plez don't mind


Biny Anoop said...

the buns looking good...Appreciate ur work....I have recently started breads and buns.....
So good to have a recipe.

G.Pavani said...

@ sathya dear, i baked at 210F and thx for ur lovely comments..

G.Pavani said...

Thank u guys for all ur lovely comments n ur support ..

Cham said...

Is it snowing? Gosh the winter should be horrible! Lovely baking idea in cold winter days! Love the buns and tea!