Monday, August 16, 2010

Naan (Indian Bread)

My little Sathya has recently completed his 1st birthday.On his birthday all the day was filled with happiness and he was more excited.As usually in morning we had pooja and prepared payasam,which we do regularly for birthday's.In the evening we had a cake cutting party.Actually we planned for photo cake unfortunately the machine was not working,later on we came to know that for 1st birthday we should not cut cake having his photo .He liked his cake very much and ate a small piece.

coming to the recipe i have prepared Naan(Indian bread) and chicken kurma for our Sunday's lunch.First time i have prepared this naan and it came really soft and hubby dear liked it very much and asked to prepare it was quite easy to prepare.

This is the dough made with yeast,sugar,salt and milk.

Divide the dough into equal balls and make triangle shape by pressing with Palm

Place the Naan in baking tray and place it in oven to max.temp for 2to 3mins.In my oven i have max temp of 250degrees and i kept for 4mints

Once 4mints was done remove from the oven and reverse the Naan and place it for just 30seconds and then apply butter and enjoy soft and tasty Naan.


All purpose flour-3cups

Instant dry yeast-1tsp



Salt to taste


Warm water to knead



In A bowl take required warm water to that add dry yeast,sugar,salt and milk and mix well and set aside for 3mints.

Now add this water slowly to the flour to make a soft dough.And on the top of dough add oil and knead well.Set aside for 5mints.

Divide them into equal balls and make triangle shape by pressing with palm.

Now to make naan, set oven at maximum temp. Then place naan on baking tray and keep it into oven for 4mints and take out and flip it for 30seconds . After taking it out apply some butter on them. And they are ready to eat.

Note:According to your oven's temp adjust the time for making the Naan.As mine is 250 max i kept it for 4mints.


aipi said...

Naan looks perfect , nice n soft dear.
Belated b'day wishes to little Sathya..may God bless him!

Swathi said...

Belated birth day wishes, cute Satya,

Nan bread looks delicious. I haven't tried yet. I need to try .

♥peachkins♥ said...

I haven't tried naan.Maybe I should some time...

Nandini said...

Birthday Wishes to your cute son:)
Soft looking naan!

Sanjeeta kk said...

Like the detail pictures you clicked while making the Naan, Pavani.
Best wishes.

G.Pavani said...

Thanks girls for ur wishes n lovely comments.

Premalatha Aravindhan said...

belated wishes dear! nan luks too gud! perfect...

kitchen queen said...

Happy birthday to ur little one.the naan looks delicious and tempting.

notyet100 said...

naan ,..its been nlong will try soon,..belated birthday wishes to ur son,.:-)