Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Curry Leaves Rice

Hi friends, i am back on my blog after a long time....happy to see u all again i hope all are u rocking with ur blogs....


Cooked Rice -2cups
Curry leaves-1cup
Seasoning ingredients-1tsp
Slit green chillies-2cups
Salt to taste
Roast and Grind dry only:

Coriander seeds-1tsp
Cumin seeds-1tsp
channa dal-1tsp
Urad dal-1tsp


1.Heat a pan with oil then add curry leaves and fry till it changes colour and keep aside to cool.Once's it cools grind into powder and keep aside.
2.In the same pan heat 1tsp of oil, add seasoning ingredients once they crackle add slit green chillies.
3.Then add cooked rice and salute for 2mints and then add curry leaves powder and along with the grounded powder and mix well by adding required salt.
4.Close it with a lid and allow to cook for 5mints in sim flame.
5.After 5mints transfer into a serving bowl and enjoy tasty tasty curry leaves rice.


Asha said...

So delicious, great color. Wish I could get fresh curry leaves to make this. I have a curry leaves plant but I pluck only few carefully! :D

Priya said...

Welcome back Pavani, happy to see u back with a delicious curry leaves rice..catchy dish..

Cham said...

Welcome back with an aromatic rice!

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Oh Pavani, where were you all these days dear!!! Anyways welcome back and am glad to see those wonderful delectable yummy rice bowl!!!


G.Pavani said...

thanku priya for welcoming me and for ur lovely comments

G.Pavani said...

thank u asha for ur lovely comment

G.Pavani said...

thanku ramya dear for ur warm welcoming me back n for ur comments

G.Pavani said...

cham dear thanku for warm welcoming me back

vivari said...

nice rice
will try

christine said...

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