Friday, November 14, 2008

Prawn Fry

RM#2 Day 14


Finely chopped onion-1medium no.

Finely chopped tomato-1medium no.

Gingergarlic paste-1tsp



Cumin seeds-1/2tsp

Chilli pwd-1tsp

Coriander Pwd-1tsp
Turmeric apinch

Salt to taste



1.First clean and wash prawns and keep aside.
2.Heat a pan with oil,add clove,cinnamon,sombu and cumin seeds,once they pop add onions and fry them well.

3.Add gingergarlic paste and again fry till raw smell goes out.

4.Then add tomato and fry for few mints till it becomes soft.Add prawn,turmeric and salt.Stir all of them well and close it with lid for 2mints till water goes out.
5.Add chilli n coriander pwd and again fry for few more mints and add 1/2 cup of water.Cook till water goes out by closing with a lid.Once the water goes out and it becomes fry add ghee over it and again fry for 2mints.

6.Finally garnish with coriander leaves and enjoy PRAWN FRY with rice/roti.

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Priya said...

My favourite fry...drooling over the prawn fry..

Yasmeen said...

Spicy prawn curry! A surprise for you in my blog:)

Medhaa said...

I dont eat prawns but this looks delicious

Cham said...

Today is the second prawn curry. I love this one but not eating much seafood Pavani :(

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

You have something new cooking everyday I love this mmm

Arundathi said...

my husband would love this!

vivari said...

we love prawns and these really look yummy. thanks

Sagari said...

yummyyy lovely prawn fry pavani

aparna said...

Yummy and making me drool.

karuna said...

this looks sooooooo gooood. i havent had this kind of desi prawn on ages....wish i cld get tht whole kadai....yummy

Uma said...

Please visit my place for a treat:

Bhawana said...

look nicely cooked. not much idea abt sea food.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Suprise Weekend Bonanza waiting for you.

Roochi said...

Looks very nice. My husband would love this dish... i shall make this for him some time soon. Exclusive for him as I dont eat prawns.

phanitha said...

Looks great...will try this one...

Kaj said...

It looks so yummy. Can't wait to try it