Monday, November 3, 2008

Cashew Chicken Curry

RM#2 Day 3

Onions-2medium no.

Cashew nuts-10nos




Coriander leaves a few

Grated Coconut-2tbsp

Gingergarlic paste-2tbsp

Coriander Pwd-11/2tsp

Redchilli Pwd-11/2tsp

Turmeric a pinch

Salt to taste


1.Clean and cut chicken into small pieces and keep aside.
2.Chop onions into finelly.

3.Grind half onions,gingergarlic paste,cinnamon,cloves,cardamom and grated coconut in a mixer and keep aside.

4.Heat a pan with oil,add the remaining onions and fry them for few mints.Then add chicken pieces,turmeric and salt.Stir them well and close it with lid .Till water goes out from it.

5.Then add the grounded paste and fry till raw smell goes out.Then add coriander and chilli pwd,fry for few mints till oil comes out.

6.Then add required water to it for cooking.cook till chicken is ready.
7.In the meanwhile grind cashews into paste.

8.When gravy comes to close,add cashew paste and allow it cook for 2 more mints.

9.Finally garnish with coriander leaves and serve with chapati/rice.

RM Runners:
1. DK 2.Siri3.Srivalli4.Ranji5.PJ6.Curry Leaf7.Medha8.Priya9.Bhawna10.Raaji11.Ruchii12.Anu13.Kamala14.Roopa15.Divya Kudua16.Rekha17.Divya M18.Lakshmi19.Raaga20.Lakshmi Venkatesh21.Sripriya22.Viji23.Kamalika


Lakshmi Venkatesh said...

Chicken with cashew gravy. sounds nice. Must have tasted yummy and rich.

Medhaa said...


Cham said...

I am drooling seeing ur chicken

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

My tummy troubles me more after seeing your chicken curry... I guess you guys had a feast today Chicken and Pappu vada... mmm I wish I was invited... I kinda dont miss your recipes love them...

Priya said...

Cashew chicken curry makes me hunger pavani..delicious they drooling here...

G.Pavani said...

thank u each n every one for ur valuable comments