Monday, September 8, 2008


Channa dal-1/2cup
Turu dal-1cup
Red chillies-10nos(add according to ur taste)
Fresh coconut grated-3/4cup
Asafoetida pwd-1tsp
Salt To Taste
Oil-1tsp(for fry)

Heat a kadai with oil and fry all the above ingredients separately one by one.
And allow it to cool and grind all the dals with salt and red chillies.
Grind grated coconut separately and mix it to the already grinded dals.
Then ur Turdal coconut Poddi is ready. store it in air tight container.
This can served with any combination like rice or chapathi etc...
This can be stored in shelf for 3 months without refrigeration.
Sending this to Long Live the shelf,an event started by Roma

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romaspace said...

Thanks so much for sharing this chutney powder recipe with us.